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Miss Lillian's No-Wax Chock Paint and Products

Miss Lillian's

Miss Lillian's NO-WAX Chock Paint is a magical product created specifically to restore lost beauty to vintage furniture. 58 Vibrant and Beautiful Colors! Miss Lillian's NO-WAX Chock paint is Delicately Textured & Chock Full of Colorful Goodness!

No Stripping, Sanding, or Waxing Required!

5 fabulous shades of stunning opalescent metallic glazes. Can be used in conjunction with our magnificent Antiquing Glaze or alone on top of one of our vibrant paints!

Swamp mud is Uncle Jeff's Magical Textured Base Coat

Texture magic creates the awesome textured chilly look of aged wood!

Mix equal parts of Texture Magic and Chock Paint. It will be thick like icing. Apply by "dobbing" it in a thick coat. When it's dry to the tacky state, use the same brush to "knock down" ridges or rough areas. Allow to dry completely. Next apply a coat of your fave Chock Paint in a contrasting color. Allow to dry and lightly sand back to bring out the weathered look and reveal the Texture Magic base color. Glaze of desired and apply a coat of stain or lack luster.

Antiquing glaze Gracefully Ages with a Subtle Sheen Adding Elegance to Painted Pieces. This water based glaze is one of the EASIEST glazes you will ever use!! You can also mix our glazes together to make your own custom color, or mix some with our metallic glazes to add some shimmer.

A stunning array of deep jewel tone gilding waxes. They are exceptional for giving a deep hue of color to your project for an extra shimmery pop!! Order 1 of each so you can custom mix your own one of a kind colors.

Instructions for Miss Lillian's NO-Wax Chock Paint Application

Maximum adhesion is achieved by simple prep of the surface.

1. Wipe the surface to remove dust and debris. For sticky or oily residue from old polish or spills, clean thoroughly with vinegar and hot water (50:50) and allow to dry.
2. High gloss surfaces may require light scuffing for best adhesion. Laminate surfaces or non sandable surfaces, we recommend a thin coat of Uncle Jeff's Swamp Mud.

Paint Instructions:

1. Shake the jar vigorously
2, Open the jar and stir well
3. Apply several THIN coats
4. Allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Drying time is fast, but varies depending on conditions such as humidity, etc.
5. For high traffic surfaces such as kitchen tables we recommend extra protection by applying Satin Luster Top coat.

Antiquing Glaze Instructions

Once the painted piece has dried for several hours, simply brush on a generous amount of Miss Lillian's Antiquing Glaze in a small area.

Gently Wipe off excess Antiquing Glaze with a soft T-shirt rag using minimal pressure.

Repeat process until desired coverage is reached. 

Allow the glazed piece to cure over night before using.